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Our workshop is located in Concepción, Chile and we are able to ship to more than 200 countries using our national post system, with parcels labelled in full detail to comply with most customs regulations.

Each shipment has its own tracking ID, making it easy for you to follow your order along the way. If you want to track a purchase, please use your tracking number on the Correos de Chile website, taping here:

Order tracking

Since our produce is solid, inorganic, relatively small and priced below customs thresholds, we rarely face any objections from border controls, leading to a satisfying door to door delivery experience.

However, since import laws vary for each country, you should expect your purchase to be taxed or held over local regulations that might apply, and require you to take additional steps in order to get a hold of your Kitra.

If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please DM us and say hi.