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General Terms

- We begin the creation of new pieces under purchase, with a 2 weeks term. This means you will get your unit shipped within 15 days after purchase, but we will keep you fully informed along the process.

- All shipping costs, fees and taxes are included in price of each unit, with a cost ceiling of $50 USD per piece. All orders with a shipping cost higher than that will be notified and offered to be charged for the additional shipping costs or otherwise a full refund.

- We do not take responsibility for any damage resulting from the usage of our artifacts. Please consult with your physician for any concerns regarding your health while using our sculptures for any purpose.


- Since we begin creating each piece after purchase, we do not accept any order cancellations once the payment has been processed and accepted.

- Our delivery capacity is determined by our postal service coverage and we're subject to their policy changes, so we will notify and fully refund every order we can't fulfill due to postage limitations.

- All lost orders will get a replacement shipment from us once we get confirmation stating that the previous parcel went missing form any of the post services involved. We do not take responsibility for any missing piece after the post service has marked the parcel as delivered in the address stated in the order. However, we will stay open to disclose the recipient's name registered by the post office for further investigation.


- We do not share or disclose any of your personal data with a 3rd party, except from the post service delivering your order, which due to customs regulations requires to be informed in full, including your identity, address and the contents of the parcel.

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